Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Love Comes Home

Love Comes Home

Trade Paperback │ 978-0-982-09775-5

Released 01-01-09 │ $11.99

Achoo Publishing & Distribution

ppg. 131

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Love Comes Home Book Cover



Love Comes Home is the story of star-struck lovers who must bring themselves back from the depths of despair to embrace their true destiny. Its love at first sight for Oliver and Olivia; but the course of true love never did run smoothly. Fate conspires against them as they confront evil and greed, but they must reach into their hearts and find each other against all the odds.



School Bus to War Book Cover


A Tribute to Our Soldiers:

School Bus to War

By Vicky Siegrist


A Tribute to Our Soldiers: School Bus to War has several short stories and poems highlighting the struggles, hardships and strengths behind our country’s love and patriotism.  These writings are unique in the way in which they deal with the daily routines of families and friends struggling to get by with their loved ones serving us so far away.

See what our nation's leaders have to say about School Bus to War!