Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Lost Beauty

Lost Beauty

Trade Paperback │ 978-0-982-09777-9

Released 01-01-09 │ $12.99

Achoo Publishing & Distribution

ppg. 357

Barnes & Noble

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Lost Beauty Book Cover



Lost Beauty is a novel about witches, lies, and deceit. Innocence is lost and adventures begin to retrieve it. Magnus thought the only way to escape an arranged marriage and pursue her dreams of sailing to Noteese was to seek the help of Fanton a known witch. Fanton had no problems fulfilling Magnus’ wish, for a price that would change all their lives forever.



School Bus to War Book Cover


A Tribute to Our Soldiers:

School Bus to War

By Vicky Siegrist


A Tribute to Our Soldiers: School Bus to War has several short stories and poems highlighting the struggles, hardships and strengths behind our country’s love and patriotism.  These writings are unique in the way in which they deal with the daily routines of families and friends struggling to get by with their loved ones serving us so far away.

See what our nation's leaders have to say about School Bus to War!